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Our Purpose

For every bottle of syrup you purchase, an orphaned child will be fed a nutritious meal through our partnership with the GiveLight Foundation.

Wäbry is set up as a California Social Purpose Corporation (SPC). The purpose of an SPC is to allow corporations to be free to engage in charitable activities while still pursuing their business ventures. It’s a win-win scenario for everyone. Not only can companies make a profit this way, they are also free to use their resources, talent and energy towards helping the world be a better place.

At Wäbry, we want to do just that. That’s why we are committed to supporting orphans throughout the world. We are partnered with the non-profit GiveLight Foundation, which supports over 800 orphans in 10 developing countries — providing them with shelter, wholesome meals, healthcare, and an education — so that they can grow up as happy, healthy, contributing members of society.

Joyful Smiles at the GiveLight Home in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Givelight children showing their love for Wäbry.

Enjoying a meal at the Givelight home in Aceh, Indonesia.